Dubai the Location for Davena’s Flagship Store

(Dubai, January 2016)

Signifying its increased presence in international markets, Davena opened its flagship store in Dubai after more than a year of planning and hard work.

Centrally located in Murshir Bazaar, the new store focuses on Davena’s range of sunglasses and fashion watches. Decorated in Davena’s trademark orange and white colours, the new shop shows off its own unique style. Inside, visitors are treated to an ever-changing display of the latest in Davena watch designs accentuated by an intricate pattern of lights that seems to make every watch in the store sparkle. The store walls are fitted with trendy light boxes creating a stage that presents Davena’s world of wristwatches. Davena’s founder Mr Deng said that the company’s expanding range of products will see it enter other new markets including Western and Northern Europe. The brand is destined to become a global influence.