About Us

Our Beginning
From day one, our mission has been clear: Make watches that people love to wear.
achieve that ambition, we combined our lengthy watchmaking expertise with inspiration and passion.
We added our promise of quality, craftsmanship and superb value – and we 
were ready.
The Davena brand was launched and we had begun our exciting journey.

Our Present
Today, Davena remains faithful to the original founders’ mission.
Own a Davena and experience the inspiration and creativity of our watchmakers.
Feel the passion. Admire the quality and creative design.
Wear a Davena watch and love it. Mission accomplished.

Our Future
It’s not just ‘our’ future. We’re including you in our journey.
That’s why we strive to ensure 
all our watches meet your highest expectations –
a quality that you deserve and a range 
of designs to match your character and mood.
So, we can be confident that when you 
wear your Davena watch,
you are wearing a watch that really is a part of you.